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Your Easy Way to Us (YEWS)


How to get started first time?

Time to sign up

Hardly 10 minutes to register. But still if you want to save time call us and get your registeration done on call at 022 6634 7050

Advantage – Realtime tracking of location by system to identify nearby service provider


Stage A

Go to website www.nu28care.com

Select Sign Up option on the top right-hand side of the website

Provide your name, address, email, cell phone number, credit card details etc.

Choose your own password

Submit your form


Stage B

Post Submission of form – you’ll receive a link for account activation on mail

Please confirm the link on email id to activate the account


Stage C

Once the link is confirmed – you are ready to transact

Your dashboard is ready to operate


How to place orders?

Prescription orders

  1. Ensure you have valid prescription of doctor. Doctors letter head, current date, name of the patient, address, nature of medication or service, signed.

  2. In case of no prescription available – you can consult online doctors and obtain a valid certified prescription

  3. Upload the valid certified prescription on the website.

  4. Certified pharmacist would verify the prescription.

  5. Certified pharmacist would confirm the availability with nearby medical store.

  6. Certified pharmacist would confirm availability of medicines to you.

  7. Please confirm the order.

  8. Once confirmed the order would be delivered preferably within next 2 hours. In case of delay, would be updated and delivered not later than 24 hours.


Can you register family, friends or someone else?


Yes, in case of family or friends, you having all the valid and correct information required for registeration for those members and authorized by them.

E.g. You can register account for your senior parents for easy convenience.


Can you have more than one account?

No. One Individual user cannot create more than one account irrespective of various mobile numbers or various email addresses.

Creating more than one account would be in non-compliance of terms and conditions and liable for consequential charges or penalties, as applicable.


How do you avail doctor or hospital services?

  1. You confirm the appointment with doctor/hospitals;

  2. Select the nature of service from the doctor /hospitals;

  3. Based on the charges for service – you need to credit the account with the service charges; amount would be lying in your wallet till the time service is completed with the doctors;

  4. You attend the service on appointed time;

  5. Once the service is complete – doctor confirms the same on the application or website;

  6. The exact amount confirmed by doctor would be charged from your wallet.

  7. In case you opt to cancel the appointment, you would be charged 20% of the fees amount or Rs 1,000 whichever is higher, unless cancelled immediately within one hour and the appointment booked was not within 8 hours.


How to consult doctors on call?

  1. Select doctor appointment – and select call option;

  2. Attend the call with doctor at selected time;

  3. Once the service is complete, the fees would be charged from your account


How is billing done?

Medicine Delivery

  1. Once you confirm the order. Invoice would be generated for medicine delivery orders.

  2. If your required GST credit, please select GST option.

  3. Invoice would be generated from system.

  4. Our invoice is generated on behalf of the service provider.


Will I be charged for delivery or some other charges?

Yes. There would delivery charges of Rs 20 per delivery for order upto INR 1,000. Any order valuing INR 1,000 will be zero delivery charges.

Yes. There are convenience charges of INR 15 each order upto INR 1,000 and INR 20 for order above INR 1,000 and any order above INR 5,000 will be INR 50.


Can there be emergency shipment or overnight shipment?

Yes. Based on selection of the order. Delivery would be applied with additional one-time charge of INR 50 per order other than normal delivery charges.


Offer and Schemes

Yes. Periodically there would be schemes which would be introduced.

User needs to review the scheme in complete, to understand the clear terms and conditions before availing the benefits.

In case of clarifications – please mail us at vision@nu28care.com or call us at 022 6634 7050.


Is there a long-term commitment for using Nu28care?

There is no long-term commitment to nu28care. If you’re unhappy with the service or if you would like to switch for any reason, we’ll help by coordinating with your new pharmacy to transfer out.

We do require you to call-in to cancel, as we want to ensure you never miss your medication and best service we want to give. Irrespective, if you choose to withdraw, we will support you and get the necessary process done.

We hope to connect again with you.


Do you fill monthly or 90 days or annual orders?

Yes. We do please select the order option and we would allow the specific products to be delivered in specific time frame.

Select the option – monthly/quarterly/six-monthly/annual

Select the products to be delivered for selected options

Selected the date for delivery of the same in the selected period.


Are transactions or information secure on platforms?

Yes. The website and applications are completely secure.


Current Schemes - Terms and conditions

Registration Plan

Individual Plan

Monthly: Rs. 49

                Rs. 99

Annually: Rs. 299

                  Rs. 549

Family Plan

Monthly: Rs. 99

                Rs. 199

Annually: Rs. 499

                Rs. 999

For Detailed information please connect on 022 6634 7050 or mail at vision@nu28care.com


New Financial year Scheme -

1.       Applicable Law and Jurisdiction - All activities related to any transactions, or any activity would be governed by laws applicable in India subject to jurisdictional courts of Mumbai and Udaipur.

2.       Communication with Service Providers - Any communication with service providers has to be complete and clearly defined. The charges for service provider would depend on type of service provided and accordingly the amount would be charged from the account.

3.       Services - The services considered under this scheme refers to the basis consulting of Eye and Dental care. The service would be free or chargeable, as per the specified service provider selected by the users. 100% Cash back is of the service fee for basic consultancy, charged if any.

4.       Applicability - This scheme is applicable to the users who have registered with the Rs. 49 and Rs. 99 subscription plans in which you will get 50% and 100% Cash back respectively for the further services an user avails for.

5.       Confirmed Checkup - The Checkup would be based on mutual discussion and confirmation with service provider and the user. These services will not be cancellable and refundable. The services are confirmed per individual wise and are non - transferable.

6.       Validity - The services under this scheme are available and can be booked in the time frame starting from 1st April, 2019 to 6th April, 2019 in the services hours of the service providers.

7.       Other Terms and Condition are also applicable as mentioned in our website.

Election 2019 Offer

  1. Offer Tenure: The user can avails this offer from 11th April, 219 till 26th May, 2019. 
  2. Applicability: The users have to upload their photo after voting on social media platform and tag us to avail the offer. The users are required to register with the subscription plans of Rs. 49 and Rs. 99, on our platform.
  3. Scope: These Discounts and Cashbacks are over and above of the discounts available from our partners.
  4. Discount: Any voter, after voting uploads their photo with voting mark and tag us on any social networking sites would get 17% discount on any services availed from our website.
  5. Cashback: Additional 18% cashback for First time voter uploads their photo on social media along with their Voter ID and tag us. This cashback will be calculated on the discounted amount.
  6. Direct Cashback: Any users books our services or purchase any product from our website of Rs. 3,000 or more, over the offer period, will get Rs. 545 cashback credited to their NU account.
  7. Referral: Any existing user refer any other person to create account with subscription Plans of Rs. 49 and Rs. 99 on NU28CARE and avail some services will get additional 5% discount on their transaction from the date of reference transaction date for period of 7 days. Further, the user would get his subscribed amount as Cashback to their NU account.
  8. Utilization:Maximum amount of cashback is Rs 7,000. User would be able to utilise the same in by 14 August 2019 based on any purchases made above INR 200 with credit utilisation of INR 100 each transaction.
  9. Validity:These cashbacks will get accumulated in their NU account till 26May 2019 which they can start utilizing from 27 May 2019 till 14 August, 2019.

Railway Expense Cashback Offer:

  1. The users should update valid UIN no. for availing this benefit otherwise the availment will be directly rejected without inspection of validity of the documents uploaded.
  2. The users will get double amount credited in their NU account, once they have subscribed for the Plan of Rs. 49 or Rs. 99 per month.
  3. A maximum 4 family member can opt for family plan of Rs. 99 or Rs. 199 per month wherein they can share the ticket on proportionate basis.                                                   
  4. In One day, any user can upload only 2 tickets that too within 8 hrs of the issuance of the ticket is valid for cashback.
  5. If users are sharing monthly/quarterly/annual pass, they can share only one pass per month/quarter/year respectively.                                     
  6. The users will share the photo on whatsapp No. 9082808969                                                      
  7. 24 hrs from the sharing of the documents are required for approval of the same.                                            
  8. The authority of approval remains with the company and the decision of the company is final without any inquiry                                                               
  9. The deduction is available for the basis cost of product or services of transaction of Rs. 200 or above and the amount of deduction will be Rs. 50 or the balance amount in the wallet whichever is less.                                                            
  10. After 1 month from the date of approval the credit will be expired and the detail of the credit will also be deleted. In case of yearly pass, the equivalent amount to one month will be expired, however, he can get the benefit for the remaining amount in the next month proportionated to that month                                                              

How do I find Nu28care on social media?

Join our community by following us on Linked in, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and You tube


Nu28care has mobile app?

Yes, nu28care offers our customers an app for Android phone. It allows you to view and manage your nu28care medications, message your pharmacist if you have a question, track your shipments, and get reminders at your packet times. You can download from playstore.


How do I contact a pharmacist?

You can always reach a pharmacist by calling 022-6634 7050


How do I contact someone about my account?

Our general phone lines are open Monday to Saturday 10:30 AM - 19:00 PM. In the event our general phone lines are closed, you can leave a voicemail and a pharmacist will return your call within 30 minutes on working day and immediately working day post leave. If you’re experiencing a medical emergency, contact your physician immediately.


How do I contact someone about my bill?

If you have questions about your bill, our general phone lines are open Monday to Saturday 10:30 AM - 19:00 PM. In the event our general phone lines are closed, you can leave a voicemail and a pharmacist will return your call within 30 minutes on working day and immediately working day post leave. In the event your question requires a Billing Specialist when the department is closed, we will respond to you on the next business day.