To Know Who We Are

Company Overview

nu28care or Nujinine Health India Private Limited ("the Company" or "the website" or "the mobile applications" or "we") is/are not the direct Service Provider (“medicine stores” or “doctors” or “hospitals” or “certified medical practitioner/s” or “licensed medical practitioner/s”). It's a platform (website or mobile applications) providing online facilitation to avail services/products including telemedicine services, medicines delivery, doctor’s appointment, doctor’s consultation, medical instruments etc. through our website and mobile applications. Our platform provides the User ("the consumer” or "the authorised user" or "the patient" or "you") easy and convenient way to find all their healthcare needs at one place.

                                                       Our Goal is Connect and Care.

We provide the right Connect for you ("the consumer" or "the user" or "the authorised user" or "the patient" or "you") and Care to ensure you get all your needs at one place. Easy Access, Save time and Comprehensive Services. 

                                                 Our Logo - Enriched Vision for People Care

Nu - Means Frequency of Sensitivity towards people. Our objective to reach out to every person and share the same CARE across. It represents the love and care you share despite the unavailability.

28 - Number that represents evolution for people to be independent, care and love for others and promote peace in World.


Circle - Means Common Interest of People is taken care and provide comprehensive care for people

Bright Yellow - Means Happiness, Energy, Enlightenment and Creativity. Our Objective is to provide people enthutiasm and energy to find ways in any possible situation.

Plus Sign - Its bring the responsibility to Care. We care for every individual and aspire to make every person have the best care available at best prices.

Light Green Colour - Means Celebrating life, safety and freshness in the lives of people

Light Blue colour - It symbolises the trust and loyalty you can put on us.

Black Colour - It symbolises harmonising your environment.